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    *ATTENTION* please bear with us as we slowly get all products properly photographed and loaded onto this new website. If there is a specific product that you know we have, or want to know if we have, please feel free to use the "contact us" feature and send us a message.


    we appreciate your patience !


    We did it for ourselves, now we're bringing them to you;  Healthy, chemical-free, options for products you use every day.


    We put special care into every ingredient. We choose either High Quality, Organic, All Natural, or better yet, Homegrown !


    We believe every step taken to reduce unknown, unhealthy, or questionable chemicals will help your overall health, beauty, and well-being.


    Raw goat milk soap

    Bar soap, liquid soap, facial cleansers, shampoo


    Soap was our first actual product produced on the farm. It was fun, easy, fabulous, and became the gateway to all our other all natural products.



    All soap is made by combining fats (oils) with an alkali (lye). When combined, the fats go through a process called saponification where

    the fat turns into soap and glycerin. In most store bought/factory made soaps, because of its value, the glycerin is removed from the soap to be sold for use in other products. But in handmade soap, the glycerin remains in the soap, keeping all the inherent deep moisturizing benefits.  Any variety of home made soap will be better and more moisturizing than commercial soaps mainly due to the much simpler ingredients and lack of crazy chemicals, but goat's milk specifically has extra skin loving properties, specifically enzymes, which add especially moisturizing and nourishing  benefits great for sensitive skin, eczema, or general all around great soap.
    There are numerous varieties and makers of goat milk soap but many use powdered milk purchased from large suppliers. As with anything, fresh is best, and we use the freshest, just milked, raw goat's milk from cute happy goats with names :)

    Other ingredients we love to include:

    Fresh Aloe - Herbs (Rosemary, Lavender...) - Spices (Turmeric, cinnamon...) - Finely ground or whole grain oatmeal - Honey - Beer - Flower petals (Rose, Calendula...) - Coffee - Essential oils -  And always looking to incorporate more. 


    Lotions, Balms and Moisturizers

    Being the master soapers that we were, we had many varieties of oils on hand as well as fragrances and essential oils. We realized we had  everything we needed to start make lotions, balms, and moisturizers.

    Chemical free, with all natural ingredients.  Take a few minutes to read the label of your current lotions balms and moisturizers.  What is all that stuff?? my guess is that its all fillers to save money and stuff to make it last beyond the apocalypse.... and maybe a tiny bit of Shea butter just so they can list Shea butter on the front of the label.  Weaves the real stuff and even make the real stuff better by add ing more real stuff like herbs and spices and other natural and extremely beneficial ingredients.


    The FARMacy

    All natural personal care items - We've got just what you need!

    Deodorant, sunscreen, toothpaste, insect repellent, rash and itch rub, pain rub.  There are so many great medicinal herbs out there. We take those amazing ingredients and mix them with our base lotions and moisturizers to make all kinds of helpful and extremely efficient products.


    whats your ailment, or need?..... i'm willing to bet there's and herb for that!


    Specialty items and Extras

    Selfie prep system

    Don't take another selfie without this!  So, so, so many great things in this formula. Take good care of your complexion with the very best herbs and oils. See listing for full description!


    Loofah Products

    No, they don't come from the ocean, they are Homegrown right here on our farm!

    Strong and durable, yet super soft and smooth. 


    Homegrown on our farm. Hand picked, peeled, washed, and sewn into a perfect pocket for your soap. The soap lather flows out of the loofah fibers giving you a soft lather with gentle, massaging exfoliation. Our young loofah are very soft on your skin yet still provide skin shining power. Love, love, love our loofahs !! And so does everyone else... These are hard to keep on the shelf. Once this batch is gone we'll have to wait till next season's bounty is harvested.


    Organic gardening

    It all started here, a small patch of garden to provide fresh veggies for the family.

    After quite a bit of trial end error we learned what grows best here in our desert farm. As time went on, more and more plants were added, bit by bit, row by row.


    Our garden now serves not only as a veggie supplier for the family, but also provides us with the many herbal and plant based ingredients for our products. 



    To name just a few:



    Lemon balm


    Sweet mint


    several varieties of chili peppers (for capzasin)


    Here's a preview of what we're working on and hope to have available soon!

    Shampoo and shampoo bars,

    All natural cosmetics

    We are working on eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, and colored lip balm.

    Some of the craziest chemicals out there are found in cosmetics. Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't be putting that stuff so close to our eyes, all over our face, and on our lips.


    There are plenty of wonderful natural options.


    Many items will be available soon.

    send a message with questions and we will be happy provide more details or custom requests.

    Customer Suggestions/ Requests

    Do you have a DIY project or natural product you'd like to have us make?

    write to us using the "Contact us"  tab.



    We love feedback! Here's some of what customers have said




    Mom, and maker of things





    Chief weed puller and manager of sales





    Manager of Quality Control and Grounds Maintenance

    This is actually Rico, our Rooster.  Scott isn't a fan of pictures, but we're working on it  :)


    Question, comment, or request, we'd love to hear from you !


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